About Us

You create a lot of information-let's organize it

Objectoria provides tag libraries and information sets to enhance your mind mapping software.  Save time from finding and transcribing into your application's format.  Objectoria not only provides the tag library, but will often provide additional referential information that will enhance the use of the library.

Don't see a library or information set that you need?  Contact us and let us build a library for you.

Formats and Categories


Currently, Objectoria offers tag libraries for TheBrain Digital Memory application.  These libraries have been optimized to take advantage of  TheBrain's navigation, information, and  presentation features.  Visit TheBrain website to find out more information and get a copy of TheBrain.

More formats are coming soon!  Check back to see what applications we will support next.


Objectoria has tag libraries that cover several business domains and topics

  • Geographic
  • Labor
  • Law

Check out the store, there are several organizational sets that are free that will help you organize.

More categories will be added soon!